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1st bike ride & Hoops

After my new bike was delivered I immediately got in a taxi. Go figure. I needed some supplies. Right back to Powerlong mall and the Decathlon sporting goods store. I bought a helmet, locking system, gloves, and a phone mount. I’m ready to ride! Super excited to try out the battery features on this bike. It has a permanent ride assist with a 0-5 setting. You can have it help a ton or not at all. There’s a thumb trigger to add instant acceleration if you need it. It’ll be fun to experiment with it and see what fits me best.

Just back from a 30 minute night ride. Holy crap does that thing feel fast. It will top out around 28mph on its own. Too fast around pedestrians and other scooters. Looking forward to a trip across the bridge again to West Lake, but this time I won’t be close to having a heart attack from exhaustion. The “assist” feature is pretty cool. It will aid me up to the speed I select and then after that it’s me power. I plan to play some hoops tomorrow, and then Friday I’ll likely head out early on the bike before it’s gets stoopid hot. Expecting a heat index tomorrow around 120 degrees with humidity factored in. Damn.

Two cultural notes that I’ve been noticing.

  1. Girl friends hold hands or walk arm in arm a lot more than we see back in the states. I had read about it, but hadn’t really noticed it until today. It’s not a weird thing, just different.

  2. Horns: Car, scooter, and bikes too. Car drivers use their horns a lot. If you’re first in line at a stop light and you’re not zero to hero in milliseconds you’re going to hear about it. Scooters use their horns to warn people they’re coming up behind them. I hear them a lot, but it’s a different vibe. It’s out of kindness as a not so subtle warning.

Hit the gym here in the old campus to play hoops. Got to meet a lot of students. We had 20 there in total for open gym. Played half court four on four and one team sat out. Holy crap. I haven’t sweat like that in years. Noticed a few things right away. They ain’t tall. They don’t shoot well. That said, they have won three straight league titles. The competition level here is no where near Whatcom County. It was a ton of fun and I look forward to running it back again next week. At the end of this short clip there’s an old dude hitting a pull-up jumper around the free throw line on the far court. There was some dominating going on in the paint. I can tell both Jamie and Andrew are going to be good friends.

I’m spent. Going to crash on the couch and zone out to some movies. Might go grab some dumplings for dinner. Perhaps another late ride after the sun drops.

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3 Kommentare

20. Aug. 2022

The bike company website is a hoot. Navigated over because I tried to ride to school a few years ago, just about killed me. Thinking an e-assist might be nice. The FAQ section, if you haven't checked it out, is great entertainment. They obviously wrote the copy and put in fillers, which they've never replaced. We ship via shipper X to Country Y. We accept payment using credit card W.

Gefällt mir

Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
13. Aug. 2022

So, the art of the midrange "jumper" isn't dead... kindofa stretch to call that a jumper... maybe slide a dime under them sneakers :D Oh wait, I'm trash talking and I can't even get up on my toes nowadays! 😂

Very cool bike... be careful! I always remember when I first starting riding a motorcycle-first place my dad brought me to was a bike junkyard and told me to go find an odometer with over 5,000 miles on it--that little task only took me 'bout an hour. Meaning is-you know how to ride but the real key in riding safely is how to get out of the inevitable binds we put ourselves in.

Oh, about playing hoops... how tough was…

Gefällt mir

11. Aug. 2022

lol @ they ain’t tall. Dominate big man…dominate

Gefällt mir
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