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1st bike ride of the year

Weather is improving quickly here in Hangzhou. After my Chinese lesson today I decided it was time I jumped on my bike and went for a ride.

My bike reminds me that it's ready to go every day by being in the center of my apartment. I ordered some lunch to be delivered to school and thought an easy stroll around Xianghu Lake sounded like a good first outing.

The Lake is on the other side of a large hill that I see outside my windows. I'm the blue dot at school.

The lake was PACKED with families and the traffic was nuts. I ride entirely too fast too often. I can hear myself channeling Ricky Bobby. "I want to go fast". However, I did take the time to stop and take some pictures.

At one of the locations on the far west side of the lake there were tons of kites up in the air. I stopped to check it out. There were many kids running around trying to get a kite up in the air being watched carefully by parents.

Was glad I got out and took in some of the sun and sites. After riding around in a golf cart yesterday I realize I need some more excercise. Longer rides on my bike are going to be my best bet there.

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