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48th grade

I’ve gone to school every year in the fall since I was five. Today I enter the 48th grade.

I finally got a schedule of classes with a roster of students yesterday. Sort of a last minute deal. The administration has been struggling to slap this all together as they couldn’t find a schedule that fit all their needs. They been bouncing around with the idea of an eight period A/B block system, but the advanced International Baccalaureate courses need extra hours with some double blocks. They had to settle in a 7 period day. Regardless, they have a system worked out. Trying to plan for this over the past week has been a pain. I feel for administration. They’re working hard and doing an overall great job of making us all feel welcome. I’ve made sure to tell them this several times.

Here is my weekly schedule. I’ve never worked in a system like this. Classes meet at various times. I color coded it to show when my classes meet. It’s feels much more like a college than a high school. The circles number are the number of students that I have in my classes.

I allowed myself to get roped into being the 9th grade team leader. There all several extra duties we all have to fill. It’s certainly a non-union job. I have a fifteen minute lunch supervising duty on Wednesday. The concept of unencumbered lunch isn’t a thing here. Lunch is 30 minutes, so I will need to eat quickly.

There are no bells that ring. Kids just leave when it’s time and go to class when it’s time. I think I’ll love that.

Okay. Dressed and ready. Let’s see what happens today…

Home. It’s late. First day exhaustion taking over. Food. Sleep. Here, have some pics from assembly at the end of the day. Lions and dragons. Cool. Sleep. Sleep soon after food.

or a video of the lions dancing…

Goodnight world. Pillow, the drool is on the way.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Sep 03, 2022

That seems like a manageable load (if by "manageable load" I mean awesome then that is what I should have said)... I especially like the number of students. Learning names should be a tad bit easier than at the numbers of students you have at MHS...


Aug 31, 2022

And so it begins. 😁

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