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4th times a charm?

Oh what a night...

The hospital upped her medication. They sent her back to Simran again. That lasted about an hour. She's headed back to the hospital for the fourth time in a week. Simran has given me an official discharge notice indicating that she won't take her back again.

What next? I don't know. The feeling I had last night after talking from Carlos the psychiatrist is gone. The hospital isn't going to help me find a location. A different "care manager" at the hospital told me they don't assist with finding long term care. Of course I'll hit the phones trying to find her a new place, but the hospital is about to be stuck with my mom for a bit if she has nowhere to go.

I'm consistently finding that there are helpful people out there. Not everyone. It's been about a fifty-fifty split. The majority of people that don't want to help are at the hospital. They see a problem and don't want to be part of the solution. A man named Spencer with DSHS sent me an email with some information and recommended a man named Tony that has an adult family home in the Sedro Woolley area. I spoke to him on the phone for about ten minutes and will make contact with him again in about 3 hours after my classes end today.

Good talk with Tony. I can see why he has a good reputation. He gave it to me straight. Adult family homes are going to be hesitant to take mom because the government doesn't compensate well through Medicaid for mental problems. In a wheelchair? Please come right in. Physical ailments draw big dollars. He said we're going to be looking farther south towards Tacoma and Seattle to find a place that will welcome her.

I expect To hear from the hospital in the morning, well, their morning. That will be about 1:00am for me. I feel like I've been living on the phone today. I counted how many calls on my two phones. 33 in total starting around 2:00am. This has been hard, but I think harder on Moira. She has had to witness most of this first hand driving her Gram back and forth and seeing the aftermath of each meltdown. Simran put mom on a video call and it wasn't good. I could see her being maniacal and asking about the baby over and over. She was convinced that Simran took her baby and was trying to kill her. I feel pretty bad for Simran. This wasn't what she expected.

After school today I had to get away. I left campus and went to a driving range to beat whitey with a stick. It was good therapy. Focused on staying behind the ball and it made a big difference in my ball striking. Solid high straight shots. That was a confident feeling I would like to have on the course if I get a chance to play Sunday.

Finishing up today with some good news...

Mom's birth certificate is finally on its way in the mail. Step 1 nearly complete. Random thought... how do we get her to a DMV for a photo ID if she gets shipped way down south not near Bellingham? Hmmm. Another challenge.

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