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5 star hotels and The Peninsula

While roaming the Bund I ran into a famous name five star hotel. I had to enter and look around. Posh. Elegance. It was The Waldorf Astoria. So let's take a look.

Not bad. The furniture was ancient and screamed "old money". I had visions of the mega rich from the jazz age walking around here in tuxedos. The Titanic was about to go down and I'm thinking, "Where's the band playing?" as we prepare to hit the bottom of the North Atlantic. Wandering around more on the waterfront after I left the Waldorf I ran into this place.

Oh, man. If there was ever a sign from a higher power this was it. I had to stay in this place. This sort of spontaneity has never been my thing, but being here alone, why not? Ive got no responsibilities tomorrow. Let's do this. I loved my early college years at Peninsula College. That's why this hotel name jumped out at me. My oldest friend Brian would be proud of me. We met in the fall of 1987. He was in the room across from me in my dorm at Peninsula College. We've been good buddies for 36 years now. This was the view out my window that night.

Breakfast the next morning wasn't just a buffet like most places. They had the basic buffet and you picked something special off the menu. Channeling Brian I had to go with the Eggs Benedict. Yeah, this place knows how to make holandaise.

More signs that this hotel was different. The cofffee came in a silver pot that matched everything else on the table. The salt shaker. The silverware. All of it. And it was heavy. Like, it felt like it was solid pewter. Even the pen and the packets of sugar on the table felt rich. The flower on the table was a fresh orchid. Perhaps the most expensive breakfast I'll ever eat. All worth it.

After breakfast I had time so I opted to walk the grounds. Behind this swanky joint there was a small park. Easily the largest patch of lawn I've seen in China.

And then I stumbled upon this sign. Rowing club? Yeah. I've definitely stepped into a different economic stratosphere.

And then there was the lobby bathroom.

Yes, those are actual cloth towels. And another fresh orchid sitting on the sink. I had to touch it to be sure. The toilet stalls were in their own private separated rooms. Oh come on now. The icing on the cake? As I sat in the lobby writing on my phone while I waited for a taxi I was seranaded by live piano.

if you want to see some of the luxury side of what a hotel can be it's worth it to take a look at their website. I would have posted some room pics, but the stuff on the website is way better than what I could provide.

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I love how they have light shows on the buildings at night. Wasteful energy but what the heck, seems that businesses don't really need to worry about costs there!

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