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I shot an 82 today. No idea how that happened. I was having a good enough time that I lost track of how many pars I was writing down. One birdie and more doubles than boagies. My caddie, Joe, was a nice young man. He had a smile on and was helpful in reading greens. He spoke just enough English that we had some small conversations. This picture wasn't indicative of his demeanor. I think I shocked him when I asked him to be in my photo with me.

After the fourth hole I was joined by Hu. About ten years older than me. He didn't hit it very far, but he hit it straight all the time. Color me jealous.

I was in the taxi on the way home by 9:15. Close to 90 degrees today with high humidity. Heat index has to be well above 100. When I was finished my round I was covered in sweat. I think I could have rung out my golf shirt.

Rest of my day is prep for leaving tomorrow morning at 4:00am. I'm going to try to put together some Kahoot games for the kids today for bus travel. Kahoot is an online interface that lets kids compete while answering questions. I think I'll make one that focuses on our destination of the Yunnan province, and another that centers on alll the advisors that are joining the kids. I purchased a pile of candy just for the prizes.

Final note of the day. This is the weather here for the next ten days.

I've had three showers today. Up. Take a shower. 18 holes of golf. Take a shower. Have a catch outside with my friend Axel. Take a shower. And this was all before 2:00pm. A whole lot of sweating going on.

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Nice score! We have a week of 70+ degree weather ahead of us, hoping to get in a bunch of golf!


2023년 5월 28일

Woo hoo! Non-cash prizes. One of the phrases I will always remember from teaching with Dave Shick!

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