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If your old enough to remember Debbie Allen in Fame! on television your age is showing. I can't dance and I can't sing (correction, I choose not to dance and sing), but I respect the hell out of those that can do it. Getting on stage and doing this is front of a crowd ranks as one of my worst fears. Worst, of course, is something bad happening to someone I love, but the dance and song thing? That ain't me.

The students at HIS are putting on a musical and today are the big performances. Only two shows. I'll be hitting the night show at 5:00. This morning I'm going to spend a small fortune to play golf with two of my students. Normally I would tee off super early to save a few bucks, but getting to play with Athena and Leo makes it worth the extra cost. As one would expect asking teenagers to hit the golf course at 6:30am on a weekend isn't going to fly.

Poker game last night was seven handed. An odd night as one player walked away with nearly everyones money. 1400 RMB worth of buyin money. Zach O. cashed out about 900 RMB. I was the only other player that cashed out ahead. Will likely run another game in two weeks and then a ladies night again in three weeks. Looking forward to that game. Aiyun will be here and the gals are super fun to deal for. However, I might have a conflict. If I have to travel for a basketball tournament on the December 1st weekend it's going to change those plans.

Headed home after 18 holes with Athena and Leo. Had a fantastic time with this duo. Athena only played the front nine because of other commitments. She shot a 38 (from the men's tees) and nearly had an ace on a par three. The ball rolled slowly right past the cup and she had to settle for this tap in birdie.

The birdie was impressive, but on the other par three she hit an embarrassing tee shot that ended up across a cart path forty five degrees to her right. I think a hozel-rocket. Didn't matter. She still got up and down for another par from around 100 yards. The girl has serious game.

My round was a tale of two nines and some awful putting. Three 3-putts and a 4-putt. Could have easily broken 80, but had to settle for 45-38 (83). They did something to the greens this week to make them crazy fast. I had a putt that barely missed for birdie that proceeded to roll OFF the green. The kids struggled with the putting today too.

Time to grab a quick nap before the production tonight. I feel like I'm saying it a lot lately, but this age thing sucks.

Fun show. Happy for my friend Tia as the director. Not easy to put on a production this large. Super cool to see kids with different talents get a chance to shine.

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