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Ugh. Had some fun activities planned this weekend, but picked up a cold and I'm full of snot. Packed it into my apartment and lumped on the couch all Friday and Saturday. Should be ready for students next week. Will be all good.

What to do while isolated on my couch? Watch racing and get my ears cleaned out. Fun times.

Sunday morning watching FedEx cup golf, then some racing, and finally Seahawks. Again plastered to the couch. I've only left my apartment to go pick up delivered food. Missed out on a faculty dinner at Ciao Uncle. Would really have enjoyed this. That was one very long table.

Two more days before students are here. HIS does a sort of open house for new and returning students the day before school starts. As the 10th grade level leader I'll have some extra responsibilities. We have a few new students that I'll need to host on Tuesday. HIS continues to grow. They are expecting just over 900 students this year from K-12.

Always look forward to the start of a new school year. 31 has been my favorite number for a long time. Let's hope year number 31 lives up to the hype in my head.

Speaking of sick and the number 31, Bam Bam Kam Chancellor comes to mind. The most aggressive violent hitter I've ever seen in the NFL. So many cringe worthy hits that were all legal. The dude got flagged a ton of times for excessive tackling. Again, all legal clean hits. They were so ugly looking they drew a flag. Click the link if you want to see something that will make you squint and pull away from the screen.

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