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Ok. This feels weird. I know I have dedicated readers and I feel an obligation to entertain, but my past two days haven't been entertaining. The point of this blog is to share my experiences in China. Right now I'm not there. I'm here in Bellingham.

I shot a 37 over nine holes from the blue tees yesterday. Put new grips on my clubs afterwards. Bought some groceries. Had a meeting today with Liz at my mom's assisted living facility. Learned some more about Medicaid. Installed a curb bridge on my driveway. Watched day 1 of the Eldora Million sprint car race. Planning to watch the big money race tomorrow with Tony.

I would like to be sharing my adventures visiting new places and experiencing a different culture, but that's not really possible right now while I'm home. Hmm. I wish I had something insightful or relevant to share, but I'm at a loss. Ummm, jet lag still seems to be a thing with me a week later? I keep feeeling exhausted tired in the midafternoon. On the plus side the naps have been nice.

I've got some ideas brewing. Being a grandpa? Long distance relationships? I'm willing to take requests if someone has a burning question. For the moment, I think I'm learning what it means to have writers block.

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14 jul 2023

Don’t sweat it Schick! Enjoy your time at home.

Me gusta
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