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A day just for me

I've got ten days off in a row and will have a few days just for me. I'll spend about half of those days with Aiyun, and I'm excited about that time, but being single for a few years has made me appreciate the all alone "me time". Today is a me day. Just me.

Up early and to the golf course. I've contacted the same young lady that's caddied for me twice named Jenny and she says she'll be there ready to go when I arrive. We've had fun zipping through holes quickly and she's been super helpful reading greens. But it's the pleasant attitude and smile that really make us a good pairing. She has that sideways wry smile that reminds me of Moira. I miss her squinting smirk.

On the way home after posting a big number. Five pars, five doubles, and eight boagies for a monster 90. 47-43. I got better on the back nine, but dang, that was rough. Highlight of the day? This beauty that went BACKWARDS. After a monster drive that went a bit too far I had this awful awkward lie. Big props to Jenny for filming it. Somehow she knew something weird was about to happen.

Well, okay then. Lots of life lessons on a golf course. There are ups and downs. Hit a good shot and get a bad result. Hit a bad shot and get a funny result.

They are only a few real crown jewel events in the sprint car racing world. One of those happened today. My favorite driver from years ago (Daryn Pittman) retired after the 2021 season, but he's climbed back into the cockpit a few times for some big races. He's made it clear that the one race he never nailed down was the National Open at Williams Grove. That event happened today. Pittman has finished second five times in this race. After retiring two years ago does he still have a chance? Midway through the race he was winning. A bit of a surprise. I doubt many saw this as a possibility. I was pretty conflicted when my new favorite driver passed him by and eventually earned the big check. Pittman finished second for a sixth time in this race. Heartbreaking stuff, but while racing against a field of the top 30 drivers in the nation it was certainly a "I still have it" performance.

Good to have a day to myself to center on what I like best. Golf, racing, and more golf. Finished up the day watching the Ryder Cup in Europe. Seeing the Europeans stomp on the Americans gives me mixed feelings. If you're not following this here are some details. Every other year a group of American golfers play a group of European golfers in a team event. Players don't get paid. Profits go to charity. A story came out that Patrick Cantlay was refusing to wear the hat as a protest over not being paid. He says that's not true. He says the hat doesn't fit. So why are other players now not wearing the hat? If it's that much of a nonstory, why make it a story by giving it more attention? Meh. It's a bad look no matter how you slice it. They're golfers. They're simply not good at the team concept. All or none fellas. Team solidarity among professional golfers might be a bit much as an expectation.

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