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A Good Saturday

Woke up late after crashing just past midnight. Getting one of my friends Zach home safe last night took some extra effort. Not sure how much help we were. He ended up falling and face planting on his glasses. Fairly significant scratches in the lenses. Regardless we got him home safely. I made contact with him this morning and he's doing okay. I enjoy his and his wife's company Gillian quite a bit. Just really nice people.

Completed my morning yoga practice and my body felt much better for it. After finishing hanging up some laundry and showering I headed to the driving range. Focus today was on posture. I have a problem late in rounds where I start snap hooking the ball badly. I think as I get tired I tend to not bend at the hips. Worked on that today and it helped. I was standing confidently over the ball. That's a feeling I wish I always had on the course. Some days I get it more than others.

Just as I was taking a break I got a message from my surrogate sister Marni. She's visiting in Bellingham today so I'm hoping to have a group chat with my gang. She told me I was missed as they were all trying to chop up the bill from dinner. It's a math thing.

I miss them all quite a bit. After talking to Moira on the phone today I needed a good day here. Everything's going well at home for her, Kaleb, and Arthur. I just miss them too. I'm glad to hear that Kaleb will be starting school soon at Bellingham Technical College. I'm happy to hear they are taking advantage of this opportunity living in my house while I'm here in China.

Called Marni when I got home. I got to chat with her, Brian, Steve and Nancy for just over an hour. It was great to hear their voices. Excited to see them all this summer. We talked quite a bit about China and my observations. Things that are different. The weather there is pretty bad right now while ours is improving quickly. Next weekend looks like 70 degrees, or 20 if your in that Celsius mindset.

Got in some solid napping on the couch before poker night. Watched some of the Full Swing series on Netflix about the PGA tour. Interesting stuff, but it felt a bit over the top that they were trying to make Brooks Koepka look bad. I guess they need a villain if they want a successful show.

Everyone just left from poker night. Another great group and a fun night. Another Chinese lesson tomorrow morning and I'll likely spend some time in my classroom.

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The latter episodes of Full Swing are much better. Love the Finau episode!

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