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A lazy Sunday

No real responsibilities today. I've got a pile of things to do during the break, but those are going to wait. Six IAs to grade. Those are papers that the 12th graders write on a math subject. They have to be submitted to the IB online as part of their Diploma Program. IA is for Internal Assessment because they get graded internally. Like it matters, because the IB is going to grade them all again. I've also got a bunch of clock hours that I have to complete for my certification back in Washington state. Again, that's for next week.

Rolled out of bed early and watched some NFL football being played back in the states on Saturday. I'll never get used to being sixteen hours ahead of the west coast. First round of fantasy football playoffs this weekend. Thought I would cruise to a first round bye, but ran into a buzzsaw each week over the last few. My team ended second overall in points, but first in points against. A statistical oddity. It happens. In three of the past four weeks I had to face the league high scorer. Two of those my team was fine scoring in the top four of twelve teams. Again, it happens. Further, injuries are all coming at the wrong time. I had to play Russell Wilson because CJ Stroud is out, and potentially losing my top scorer in Tyreek Hill stings. Fingers crossed. Not much else I can do.

After the three NFL games I hopped in a taxi and went to one of the many screen golf locations in Hangzhou. Paid 168RMB (just under $25 USD) to play August National again. I got four mulligans. Shocking that I used two each on the front nine and the back nine. Check out this card...

Yea, I was par golf through 10 holes. I was playing well, and this was from the back tees. All the par fours are around 450 yards. That's a long course for me, but I was hitting it well off the tee leaving a bunch of middle irons to the green. The bad holes on the back nine all came down to putting and chipping. No feel for what the distances really are. I was living in the bunkers. Ugh. Still, it was good to get some swings in. I'll probably do this again this week before I head up to Wuxi to see Aiyun. It's looking like it will warm up a bit next week so I plan to get in a real round as well.

Random item of the day. Fireworks the past two nights a few blocks away. This is from my balcony tonight.

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