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A Long Weekend

We all have things that make us different. Vary too far from the norms of society and you run the danger of being labeled as someone with issues. I like to think it's a matter of perspective. One persons issues can be another persons strengths. Mine? I have a some traits that make me socially awkward at times. I get uncomfortable in crowded spaces. Anxious. Perhaps it's just being an introvert. Perhaps more. A form of ADHD? A minor level of Asperger's? Somewhere on the lowest levels of the autism spectrum? I'm sure I'll go to my grave never really knowing.

So why do I bring this up? I have a tendency to hyper focus on things. Not fully completed tasks sends my anxiety through the roof. This limbo my mom is in is tough for me to handle with so many questions unanswered. She's safe and happy in the hospital during this weekend, but the system in place that's going to help us find a new home for her doesn't move on the weekend. Two potential places still on the table in Whatcom county. I was told today not to expect to hear anything until Monday. Stafholt in Blaine and Highgate in Bellingham. Combine this with being on the wrong side of the planet and it's a helpless feeling at times. Relax David. Be patient David. I understand why people tell me this. It's good advice. They care about me and my mom. However, does telling someone who's emotional level is up to 11 to calm down help? Excuse me miss, you're being irrational and acting crazy. You need to calm down. Yeah, that doesn't help. It comes from a good place in the heart, but it doesn't make things better. What helps is having the task complete. Yeah. Issues. I guess the words do help me be more self aware.

Good poker game last night. Always a fun time with a full table. I enjoy running a fast paced game with interesting fiends and colleagues. We didn't set any records last night for money won and lost, but there might have been a new high for beer cans and bottles. My crowd is full of serious drinkers. Wished I had taken a picture of the pile before I took it down to the recycling bin. Two large boxes full. Reminded me of a college night the morning after.

Hit some golf balls on the soccer field in the afternoon. Another solid session of crisp ball striking. Looking forward to getting up early Sunday morning and being the first person on the golf course.

In other news big news, I made an offer to Kaleb and Moira this past week. When I return this summer I want them to stay in my home with me until Kaleb finishes school a year from now. We will need to talk through some details, but they've agreed in principal. I'll get to spend some more time with my grandson Arthur. Looking forward to being his Waigong (maternal grandfather).

Up and out the door at about 5:45am headed to the golf course. Never heard back from Liam so I assume he's out. One man golfpack again. Perhaps I'll get set up with another early morning pair? Or maybe be the first one out again and I'll jackrabbit it around the course in near record time. It would give me most of the day to lounge on the couch and watch movies. Taxi this morning was a bit more expensive than usual. It's a supply and demand thing with scaled pricing. About $20USD for a 45 minute ride. At least there's zero traffic at this time of the day.

No wind and temperatures in the 40s to tee off. Expecting it to be near 70 this afternoon. My caddie today was Dandan. We had fun with a few high fives and many smiles. Looking forward to the day when Aiyun and I can be on the golf course together. We've asked about her just tagging along to watch, but they would change her a full greens fee. Not having any of that. I'm sure we will get a round together this coming summer when she visits in the states.

Score today was 84. Driver was a bit erratic, but mostly in play. Irons were improved today as that's what I've been focusing on as of late. Did a good job of staying behind the ball and hitting much straighter shots. Had a few that I put right on the flag but came up short or went long. Overall feel great about my play. Eight pars and two doubles. No birdies. Glad Steve wasn't here to watch the putting. He might have puked a few times. Four three putts. Sorry bro, but I probably won't work on it. I prefer to just let it happen and move on. Highlight today was a near hole in one on a par three. Missed a four footer for birdie. Such is my golf life. Just really happy to be out getting a round in.

Rest of my day was binge watching The Brothers Sun on Netflix. Just enough Chinese to help me pick up words here and there. Bonus was that I Iike the show. It tells the story of a Triad (Chinese mafia) family. However, after watching two episodes I still felt the need to hit more golf balls on my own personal driving range. Another good session. Hit two boxes of 50 shots each with a cardboard box as my target. Didn't hit the box at all with the first group, but put three shots off the box on the second group. Not bad.

No students in school tomorrow. A professional development day done the right way. Sessions are led by staff members sharing what they do or know best. Good stuff.

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