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A much calmer day

Crashed early last night knowing I would be up at 3:00am. Right to the phones and made contact with todays Care Manager/Social Worker. I've worked with Tina, Michelle, Dawn, Terry, Jana, Jennifer, Shari, and Brynn. Getting hard to keep track of who I'm trying to get hold of. Today is Shari and Brynn. Fortunately Shari lands on the empathy and helping side. Our work today will center on finding mom a new home. Big thanks to my friend Paige for adding Stafholt in Blaine to our list. Perhaps a real possibility.

Good conversations with many people at the hospital making sure they understand mom's story and what we're looking for in terms of a new home. Spoke with mom as well. She's somewhat lucid. Not fully self aware. Her nurse today said she watched her try to give the person in a mirror a glass of water. That person was herself. I'm learning what to ask and what not to ask. The question, "Do you know where you're at right now?" Is a bad one. That leads to anxiety when she doesn't know the answer. We talked about my brother Dale visiting this summer. She was excited about that. Also, a nurse brought her a baby doll to care for (thanks for the suggestion Marie!). I told her the baby was a little red headed girl named Suzy. She always wanted a daughter and got stuck with three boys. I was supposed to be a redhead named Suzy. There may or may not have been a "put him back in until she comes out a girl" line when I was born. When I was a baby I wonder if she dressed me in pink with a red wig and called me Suzy. I'm sure if she did I could blame some of my own issues on that trauma.

In other non-mom news... I started having my Ayi prepare some dinners for me during the week. She already does this for one of my neighboring familys the Kushners. The plan is for her to just make more on Mondays and Wednesdays and leave it in my fridge. This was dinner last night for me.

It's been an onslaught of food this week that not even I can eat. Way too much, but I can make it last the week. On Sundays I get a bill for groceries leading into the week. The bill this past week was about $10USD. Ummm. Such a deal. And the food is great. The vegetables and sauce in the picture above were amazing. The pasta was coated in a light oil with some Parmesan and basil. Fabulous stuff. I need to be careful or she's going to contribute to my weight issues. Justine Kushner demands healthy meals for her son Luke, so at least I got that going for me.

Boys soccer team playing the teachers and coaches. I get the view from the luxury box. Lot of "seasoned" veterans out ther huffing and puffing near the end of this. It was close in the first half, but the kids just ran circles around them in the second half.

Poker night tonight. Our last attempt was the first time we didn't have a game because too many people couldn't make it. Tonight I'm going to have way too many people. Really looking forward to running the game as it will be a good distraction away from the other things I have going on. No plans Saturday and hoping for a round of golf on Sunday morning. Not sure if my admin Liam will join me. Not a problem. I don't mind playing a round by myself, but would always rather have company.

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