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A night with the Addams Family

Our students are putting on a musical this weekend. I'm excited to go watch.

My friend Tia is the director and two of my tenth grade students are playing Morticia and Gomez. It sounds like Wednesday is set up to be the star of the show. I'll report back.

Just got some bad news. My new golf buddy Queenie has to work tomorrow. Now I have to decide if I want to go and wing it as a single again. It's very wet out right now and still raining. I'll have to decide in the morning tomorrow.

Play was awesome. Kids did great. Such a wonderful opportunity for them to shine. Reminds me of Moira being in two productions while in high school. She was so good on stage. For a shy introverted kid she sure had a presence.

Rained all night. Going to try and hit a driving range this afternoon instead. After that I plan to meet my friend Axel to have a catch. He's really into playing softball. Another friend Jaime and I are going to try and surprise him with a game on a Friday night after school. Axel was one of the first friends I made after arriving in China. We've shared a couple bike rides. He teaches fourth grade and has a highly positive contagious demeanor about him. He proudly exudes apologetic Canadian.

Axel has a relationship with a young lady from Columbia named Mafe. Don't call her Maria or you'll get an earful of Spanaish profanity. As much as Axel is Canadian Mafe is Latina in such a stereotypical way. She's combustible, but in a fun way. Both Mafe and Axel attend my poker game now and then. This notion of young couples meeting while teaching internationally isn't new. I've met a few couples from different countries that met teaching in schools around the world. I told Mafe that I was old enough to be her father, and in her fathers absence I felt confident in giving my approval of Axel as a potential partner.

My other mission for the day is gummy candies. I promised a student I would have some for them tomorrow as they dove into their final math exams.

Had a good range session and hit the golf ball well. Focused in initiating the whip action of the swing starting with a good backswing while trying to keep my head in place. It's moments like NOW I wish I was just starting a round. I was striping everything with a gentle draw. That's a satisfying feeling.

Axel joined me for a bike ride mission. We

went around Xianghu Lake and hit the local WuMart for Gummy Worms. Weekend missions complete. Axel has an app that logs his bike path and gives him a pile of data. This was our course today.

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