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A rainy trip to Suzhou, or not so much.

Ye has an errand to run in the city of Suzhou. It's about a two to three hour drive northeast towards Shanghai depending on traffic. She invited me along because she thought I might like to see more of a China. it was pouring down rain when we left and we're expecting more over weekend.

The testing requirements for Covid protocols and going to be a bit of a pain. I will need to test before I leave Suzhou and head back to Hangzhou. I will also need to test three straight days after I return. There's an online form that the school office staff will help me with. This is just for leaving one province and heading to another. I was going to have to fill out a form for my golf outing as well this Sunday, but we opted to delay a week because the weather is a bit wet through the weekend. Ugh. I really want to play 18 holes this weekend. If I get my grading and reports done early Sunday I might hit the driving range again.

Sooooooo. We get in the car and head north and after a two hour drive we arrive to the edge of Suzhou. Lots of folks around Hangzhou describe Suzhou as the second most beautiful city in China. Cool. Let's have a look. And then I get this message on WeChat from our HR department...

F me. Seriously? Which in turn leads to this conversation.

Ok then. My gut tells me this is more of a threat than a reality. I might have a three day quarantine headed my way. If so I might miss a day or two of school. Crud. We shall see.

It's Saturday morning and Ye took off to run her errand. She has to pick up a large check from her ex to help pay for Charlie's tuition. I'm learning that Hangzhou is a bit different when it comes to moving money. Not every city in China operates like Hangzhou with Alipay. Ye paid for breakfast with paper cash. First time I've seen that done. I've got about an hour to hang in the hotel room before we meet in the lobby. Here's the quick tour. For the exhibitionist you have a shower that's open to the rest of the room. Ye opted to close the curtain. Bummer.

The plan was to see some sights, but given the nature of my possible quarantine status were just going to head back. Dang.

Just how many Covid cases in China are we talking about? Here's the report from yesterday.

If you couldn't find it in this map (which is not geographically very accurate) there was 1 reported case in Suzhou yesterday. This is a city of millions. Shanghai has 18. Hangzhou has 11. Shanghai competes for largest city in the world. I was looking forward to getting some pictures today. The rain seems to have disappeared. It's a bit overcast, but really a nice day, for a car ride back to Hangzhou. Again I say, F me.

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