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A Repeat Saturday

Up early and realizing I've had this day before. Head to the school kitchen and bake some pies. One is for my friend Jamie's new born daughter, Ace. She turns 100 days this week so they're having a party for her. I'm not going to be in town, but wanted to contribute. I'll be headed up to Wuxi again to see Ai Yun next weekend.

I'm getting better about making the pies look pretty. The other pie is for my team of advisors on the China trips week. It's how I try to make up for the red in my ledger. They endured some very stressful situations and I want them to know I appreciate their efforts. We worked well together as a team and I feel the need to thank them for their hard work.

Red in my ledger. It's a term I heard in an Avengers movie. It's stuck with me. I feel like I have a lifetime worth of red in my ledger just like the character that used it in the film. Can I ever fully make up for my bad choices in the past? Probably not, but I feel good about having this mindset. I know I feel better about myself while committing random acts of kindness.

Another poker game tonight. My buddy Paul won't be able to make it. His wife Jenny is arriving from the UK. She'll be here through the rest of the school year before heading back to England for good. I'll miss him. A friend, Mandarin teacher, and an all around good guy. I'm going to give his rocking chair a good home when he departs.

Jenny was supposed to arrive yesterday, but flight delays put her a whole day behind. We all gathered last night at Angelo's to have a big party to greet her, but it just turned into a night of food and drinks among friends. The plan is for her to arrive later tonight.

We had about fifteen people there last night, and that's after the event was cancelled because Jenny wasn't going to be there in time. I think they'll all try again next week.

I might have some new poker players tonight. I'll have to do some teaching before I do some taking. Should be good times.

Thinking I might get up early tomorrow and hit the golf course for another round. I paid for four rounds last time I went and then submitted my receipt to the school. They have a wellness allowance of up to 3500 RMB ($500 USD) . I can use it for greens fees, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Jun 22, 2023

You're a good man Mr. Shick!


Nice job weaving in the Murray quote. Wellness, hmm, gin & whiskey count?


Wellness allowance. If only our union president was reading this blog….

David Shick!
David Shick!
Jun 11, 2023
Replying to

Bro. Communism is only a short step away where we're at now in the Meridian district. We're headed there soon. I should know better than others.

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