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A testy week

It's been a week of testing in my classes. All of them. Formatives (glorified practice) and Summatives (the ones that really count). I've been spending A LOT of time grading tests in front of my TV at night.

Some high points:

  • I like the IB system of having formal formative assessments. It forces me to give detailed personalized feedback to students before they take their the test that counts (summative).

  • I feel like I've had some major successes with a few dedicated students. Many have been taking advantage of after school office hours to get extra help. It makes a big difference.

  • I like the middle school (MYP-middle years program) assessment requirements. We must give formal summative assessments that cover four categories during a semester. A-knowledge, B-patterns, C-communication, and D- real life application. The A assessments are straight forward tests. The other three generally involve a project of some sort. These give students a chance to demonstrate their learning in other ways. But yeah, it takes a lot longer to grade.

Some low points:

  • I'm burned out from grading and providing feedback.

  • I had a student cheat on a test and it really hurts on a couple levels. This student was one of my favorites. It happened on my watch in a class. They accessed a phone app called PhotoMath. It will solve just about any equation including advanced calculus. I had to go through the process of involving the administration and parents. It was a senior in the middle of the process of college applications. This is now on their record. We had a long talk after school. I told them several times the same thing. We all make mistakes. Sometimes big ones. They don't have to define us. I told them about many of the big mistakes I've made. Lots of tears. Both of us. I care about the kid and want to them to believe me that I'm disappointed in them but I still care.

  • I'm about to be blasted with extra responsibility. Golf and basketball coaching is about to spin into full go. Hoops on Monday Wednesday Friday. Golf on Thursday. I get Tuesday free. Dang.

Trivia night tonight with friends. We got fourth place out of a bunch of teams. Good times.

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David Shick!
David Shick!
Oct 19, 2023

They do three main seasons. Volleyball, Basketball, Futbol in the fall, winter, and spring respectfully. Golf is more like swimming. It happens all year and intermittently. I believe we will have at least three major tournaments during the year. The game plan for now is to have a weekly practice on Thursdays. No idea how this will go. Last year felt promising and almost nothing came of it. We went to one tournament. This year? We shall see...


Golf at this time? What season is it for you?

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