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The journey begins. Today our boys and girls basketball teams leaves immediately after school to travel to Shanghai. We play in a three day tournament starting tomorrow morning. There will be six teams. We will play a round robin format of five games (play everyone once) and then get seeded into a tournament on Saturday. Bags are packed and I'm ready to roll.

Anxious. Nervous. Excitement. All of this. I've had this feeling before in a similar situation. We're good, and we know it. We could win this thing, or we could get destroyed. Four of the teams there will be complete wildcards. No idea what they bring. We played one of them this past week and beat them fairly easily. The host school (and our sister school in Shanghai), SCIS will be looking for revenge. ACAMIS is a large organization of private schools all over China. All of these schools are lined up from smallest to largest by student population and broken into smaller groups of six to eight schools. You're guaranteed to see schools with very similar populations. The pool of schools involved in last week's tournament (SISAC) was much larger. There were 22 schools involved. We won that tournament. Somehow ACAMIS is more important to the locals. Not sure why.

I had this confident feeling exactly 24 years ago coaching the girls team with Jenn Childress at Meridian High School. We had just upset the undefeated unbeaten state champs at district. I absolutely felt like we were going to win the state tournament that year. We lost the title game in overtime. It was painful. Miserable. The Dalai Lama teaches us that all pain misery comes from expectation. I believe he makes a good point. That said, I need to find the joy in the experience this weekend. Just make sure we give all we have.

Got to the hotel and situated. Headed out to a late dinner. Three games tomorrow. Will update. Wish us luck.

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