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Up at 4:00AM to some rough news. My mom is sliding downhill quickly. Her sense of reality isn't fully returning, and is actually going the wrong direction. Her assisted living facility is currently in a Covid lockdown, but she refuses to stay in her room. We're being asked to find her a new place to live. She's headed towards memory care. I'm struggling pretty bad with the whole thing. If I had not come to China would it have made a difference? Sucks for me, but I keep reminding myself that it's much worse for her.

Our boys play the second game of the day. Initial impressions of the competition makes it look like our toughest opponent will be our first game. It's a team out of Hong Kong that won their league. Opening ceremonies were a bit different. All the teams were called up in front of the all the participants to introduce themselves. Their was some singing and dancing performances from the home team. When the whole things ends on Saturday there will be a formal dinner. Suits and ties are expected.

Game 1 in the books. Lost 41-38 to a very good team from Hong Kong. Tall and long. They had three bigs taller than anyone on our team. We got down 13 at one point but battled back to take the lead by 2 late. Proud of our kids. Thinking we will see them Saturday in a rematch.

Game 2 we played a team from Qingtao. We started our bench and still beat them by 20. It was a good chance for us to work on some little things like timing in our offense. Every player on our team scored and it was a good to know they were taking the opportunity to improve while getting an easy win.

Game 3 we played SCIS (rival). They played us tough for three quarters, but we pulled away and won by 16. After sizing up all the teams it's apparent that this is setting up as a rematch of us and Hong Kong. Hard to say though. Upsets happen and we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. Two games tomorrow to set up the bracket.

At a bar close to the high school we're playing at. The tournament has a bunch of activities they do with all the kids after the games ended tonight. Coaches get shipped off to a bar to eat and drink. All well thought out plan.

Up early tomorrow. Two games to play against teams we should be able to handle. On of those teams may give us some fits. They don't have anything special, just solid all around. Hoping they press us because it should lead to easy buckets for us.

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