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Just finishing breakfast. I might have done my best coaching of the day already. The team we play first (The Phoenix from QAIS) has one legitimate scorer on it. I went around to the entire team and used a black white board pen to put an X on their right hands. This scorer only goes to his left and when he does he can finish at the hoop. We prevent him from going that way and he will struggle. Shoutout to my sister from another mother Jenn Childress for that strategy from many years ago.

Mom update. Moira will be visiting a new living option for Gram Friday afternoon. I spoke to mom on the phone early this morning. It was difficult to grasp that she's not all there. The conversation was one sided and awkward. We've had many chats recently that I now have to go back and reevaluate. I'm realizing now this has been bad for awhile and I was in denial. She was unable to answer some basic questions. She didn't know where I am currently teaching. Do you remember where I'm working this year? "Not here." No idea that I'm in China. I'm thankful for the many friends and family that have recached out offerring help. I'll update as things change.

Watching our girls play their first game of the day. They play endline to endline press man (woman?) defense. It makes for an exciting and fun game. They get lots of turnovers and create chaos, but they are terrible shooters. Layups are a struggle. Whatever. They play hard and play with passion. I take credit for giving them the nickname Wolfpack when I helped coach the girls last year. When they introduced themselves this year at opening ceremonies they said "The strength of pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack". Super proud of their collective will regardless of wins and losses.

Finished the round robin games 4-1. Only loss was to the obvious favorite from Hong Kong. The rolled every other team except for us. Our last game we played YCIS. We jumped to a quick lead, but they fought back and tied it up. From that point on both coaches played the bench as it was a meaningless game. The two teams must play each other as the 2 and 3 seeds tomorrow. I expect a battle. They have a talented starting five and play disciplined ball. The 1 seed from Hong Kong will coast into the championship where we or YCIS will have a huge fan backing. The team from Hong Kong plays arrogantly and nobody likes it. At times they look bored destroying everyone.

Dinner with the coaches again after we sent the kids loose in a mall for a couple hours. We won both our games together so, yeah, I earned a blue beverage.

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