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Another early morning. Boys play at 8:30 and girls immediately after. Both play in the 2-3 matchups. A win puts them in championship games and a loss puts them in the third place game.

Heartbreak all over the place this morning, for both teams.

Girls: Ten of the girls got caught out of their rooms after curfew. They were out and about in the hotel in pajamas and slippers. Two of the coaches were getting ready to take the elevator up to our floor. They doors opened and there were all ten of them. They were forced from their three seed down to the six seed so that other teams would still get a game. Lots of tears and emotions, but I'm glad to see our school being consistent with the rules. Other schools had their kids out well after curfew. Their admin apparently endorse this as their coaches are well aware of the situation. It's an inconsistency that I'm seeing as the norm amongst these private schools.

Boys: Lost in the semifinal game to YCIS. Just came out flat again and dug a deep hole. Down twenty in the second quarter. Battled back to within six in the fourth with a ton and momentum and time, but lost by seven. YCIS deserved the win. They executed better than us and we didn't adapt fast enough. Boys are crushed. They have to play in the third-fourth game shortly. Not sure how they will respond to the loss.

Girls won the 5-6 game by a lot. Boys finished third after ahnillating SCIS again. A fun finish as we got our only senior a flurry of points in the fourth quarter. Crowd loved it. YCIS gave the heavily favored Hong Kong a serious game. After leading by one at half time YCIS and Hong Kong literally traded buckets the entire third quarter. Nobody led by more than one. With a one point lead going into the fourth the triple towers of Hong Kong did the bare minimum to win by five. It was horrible to watch. The senior laden YCIS just couldn't contend with the bigger faster stronger team.

Boys graduate one senior that rarely played. They should return a very strong team and contend again next year. Personally I feel like I had a big impact on their program installing all the offense, press break, and inbounds plays. The head coach Sean plans to return and keep everything in place for next year. I did a lot of teaching regarding the little things like timing and spacing. I can see myself being up in the middle of the night next year to watch their games via live stream. Looking forward to seeing how they can build on the things we did this year. This starting five is going to be a problem for a lot of teams next year.

It's been a joy to see them grow and improve. Not sure if I'll have a similar experience again as a coach. Physically it's getting tougher to demonstrate what you're looking for. Still not going to be happy with the results of our season, but happy with who we became in the process.

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