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I was just asked to take a team of kids to the ACAMIS golf tournament. We recently had the three day ACAMIS basketball tournament. It's sort the equivalent to a state tournament back in the states. The tournament takes place in mid March (14-16) and will be near Hong Kong. That's quite a few hours away by plane. I'm the blue dot on this map.

Not sure who will go. We don't have a conventional golf team, but we do have some very good players from what I'm told. My hope is to get these kids all together on a Saturday and go play a round as a group. My guess is the kids that golf know each other already, but I don't know them at all. My focus as the coach will be to set some team priorities. 1. We cheer for each other and our opponents. 2. We don't get pissy when we play poorly. 3. We never tease someone after a bad shot. 4. Our attitude determines our game. We don't let our game determine our attitude. I don't think I'll have the opportunity to really coach the golf side of things, so I'll just focus on character and team support.

Tournament is to be held at the Huizhou Palm Island Golf Club. Not a shocker that it's being held on a Tuesday through Thursday. No course wants to shut down on a weekend for a kids tournament. However, there is an entry fee for each kid. No idea how much yet. Also, reading through the tournament instructions I was surprised to see that every player is afforded a caddie and a cart. They also included suggestions for paying the caddie after the tournament.

Coaches get to play a round per day. Currently awaiting an email to find out how much it cost. Google image search of the course looks nice. Have a look.

I should know a lot more about this by the end of next week.

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