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ACAMIS Golf Day 2

Welcome to scramble in the morning and round one in the afternoon. Kids have been paired by their handicaps into groups for a practice scramble round. Coaches are scrambling in groups following the kids. Should be super fun. There will be a lunch break before kids start round two. Coaches and parents aren't allowed on the course to watch at all. Gotta love the Junior PGA rules. All about the liability I guess. And yes, this is a PGA sponsored event. Yes, that PGA from the states. They host about twenty junior events across Asia and this is one of them.

I learned a valuable lesson last night. My two sixth graders were up all night with their phones. I had to drag them out of bed this morning. Chris got up, got dressed, and headed down stairs quickly. Eason was a different story. He went back to sleep. It took a lot more effort to get him to the course this morning. I'm struggling to not be mad at him. When I speak directly to him he gives me the stare and silent treatment. It's a cultural thing. Even when I ask him direct questions he says nothing. It's even harder not to take his silence as disrespect. In the states it would be taken very much as a "F U" look. He's 12 years old. Can a 12 year old manage himself in the morning to get up and get ready for golf at 6:00am? Further, I'm not sure he understands me when I speak to him. Rui tells me he understands just fine, but is acting childish because he's a child. Ronan's dad (Carl) is here and I've chatted with him a bit. He thinks there's a lot of soiled brat in Eason and I have a hard time disagreeing. Lesson learned. Moving forward. I've got their phones now and will return them to them periodically during the day so they can check and send messages.

Played a three person scramble with Ama and Paol. We had a strong international flavor. Ama is from Venezuela and Paol is from Denmark. They are both 30+ handicaps so they relied on me quite a bit. I hit my driver very well but struggled with my irons. We shot a 74 with a couple birdies. They each had some great shots that will keep them coming back. I may play with Paol again tomorrow. Ama's back is hurting badly so she is likely out for tomorrow.

Paol is a parent here. His nine year old is playing in the tournament. He and his wife have a clothing manufacturing business here in China. He told me ten years ago it was very easy to make money because the wages they had to pay to get a work force was so low. Times are apparently changing. As China fights its way into having a middle class he tells me the salaries are skyrocketing. In order to keep their workforce he says his labor costs have tripled. He used to pay 2000 RMB a month for a 66 hour work week. Now it's 6000 ten years later. Yes, eleven hour days six days a week is the standard work week here for a laborer. Damn...

We've got kids in the course right now playing round one. I'm excited to see how they do and hear about their best shots of the day. It's a bizarre matter of perspective. Athena and two other girls shot 10 under their morning in their scramble. When I asked her about her best shots of the round she said she didn't really have many good ones. Did the other two girls carry her? No, not really. They used mostly her shots. WTF?

I've had two discussions today with American parents living here in China about going back to the states. They both commented on safety as a reason they are thinking of staying here. That's hard to argue with. It's clean and it's safe. If you have enough money here you can live like a king. And enough money here is a lot less than it takes back in states. Teaching in international schools their kids go to school for free in a school that usually costs an arm and a leg. Maybe both legs. Close to no crime and zero drugs anywhere. I also had an interesting talk with Carl about how good the kids have it here. He grew up during the "troubles" in Northern Ireland. He just about went to tears describing how happy he is that Ronan has had such a wonderful childhood compared to his own.

Results of day one are in. Leo is tied for third on the boys side. Athena is tied for ninth. To say she had a weird day is an understatement. She tripled two par fives and doubled a driveable par four. On the driveable par four she hit it over the green and had to re-tee, twice. Yes, she one putted after putting on the green on the third attempt. She is taking it all in stride and expects a bounce back tomorrow. YuChen and Ronan struggled with nerves in their first tourney experience. They learned some valuable lessons. Chris is in 11th and Eason is dead last. It's 9:03 on and Eason is already fast asleep. Go figure.

Final day tomorrow. Looking forward to a second chance at this course and excited to see how the kids do.

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Sounds like Athena has the mental make up to go along with her game. Built for tournament play. Have you talked to her about agents? Specifically, one’s who are good at math.

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