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Air Raid?

I got the following message on Friday during the school day.

Right on time the sirens went off. Super loud and I'm sure they could be heard all across the city, and we're talking about a BIG city. A circle with a radius of 15 miles is over 600 square miles.

I'm starting to understand the perspective of the locals as I learn more about their history. Why are they okay with this? Could you imagine the same happening in Seattle? Given the mistreatment they got from foreign powers their built in paranoia feels warranted. They are prepared for the worst because they've experienced the worst.

Another thing that they have here is their National ID card. It looks like a drivers license with a citizen ID number in it. Parts of the ID indicate their birthday, gender, place of birth, etc. I believe it has a chip in it of some sort like a credit card. I see them swipe or scan it everytime I'm involved in any form of travel. I could never see that flying in the states. That's an entirely different form of paranoia. Fear of the government as opposed to fear of other governments. I'm not judging. All behavior from a specific perspective is rational.

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