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Aiyun’s first Xmas tree

And then of course we had to make some people, because, why not?

The chicken's name is Reggie. He just looks like a Reggie. Reggie the giant Christmas chicken. Bwock Bwock!

Okay. What gives? Aiyun wanted to try and make tanghulu today. It's pieces of fruit on a stick covered in a thick sugar coating. I've had it several times while here in China. Seriously addicting stuff. This is what it generally looks like.

It's candy on steroids for me. I like the strawberries best, but having a sweet tooth it's all good.

So what did her effort look like? Well, we ate it. I didn't take a picture. Dumb. Just dumb. I guess it looked the same as above, but we were too impatient and needed to let the sugar harden longer. Also, we may not have got the correct temperature when heating up the sugar so we may have set ourselves up to fail anyway. Whatever. Good times.

Update on mom. I got a note from the late night nursing staff letting me know that she was still hallucinating. They wanted to speak to me about possible childhood trauma and how she might reliving some events. I wasn't much help. Being on the wrong side of the planet I'm trying hard not to imagine the worst case scenarios. Fingers crossed for continued improvements. I spoke to her on the phone for about twenty minutes today and she seemed herself. That was encouraging.

Heading back to Hangzhou tonight. One of the things I will really miss in China is this...

The high speed rail system here is the bomb. Yeah, that's 299 KM/H. How much would you pay for a two hour train from Bellingham to Portland? $25? Yeah, I can see how that might be super popular.

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Merry Christmas David and Aiyun. Love and miss you.

Replying to

Merry Christmas , Aunt Wendy, Happy New Year and Best Wishes to you and your family !

I will visit you soon next Summer !

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