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Aiyun Weekend

Spent the whole weekend with Aiyun. I failed to take enough pictures. Just didn't think of it. Giving her my attention instead of thinking about pictures for the blog. Is that an excuse or an honest admition of my priorities? Hmm.

Friday night. We cooked up rice dumplings left for us by my Ayi (maid) Xiao Xie. Super sticky rice cakes and red beans wrapped up in those husks. I recently purchased bamboo steaming racks. A good choice.


We.... ordered, had delivered, and ate breakfast. Watched some episodes of Friends. Went to the grocery store and bought some supplies for Sunday brunch with the others in our complex. Crashed on the couch and watched Casablanca. Went to the mall to shop for -20 degrees C temperatures that we will experience in Harbin. I bought a coat and gloves. When we got back to the school we had our first session of hitting golf balls on our soccer field. A promising start. Aiyun is an attentive and focused student. We're both looking forward to a second session. We ordered some spaghetti and a Caesar salad for dinner. Watched one of my favorite Christmas movies, Love Actually.


Up super early to watch the UW Huskies and Oregon Ducks play an instant classic. 3:30am kickoff for me. Aiyun woke up just in time to watch the Ducks miss the final field goal attempt. We made steamed Baozi, Shaomai, and mixed fruit.

Good times. I feel fortunate to have so many cool people that I live next to. It's like a commune full of teaching families. You can barely make out my red shoes and balding head behind Ingrid on the left.

I will head to Wuxi in two weeks to spend some more time there with Aiyun. Two weeks after that our plan is for her to come back here to Hangzhou. She'll be teaching English all next weekend and I'll probably get to the golf course and host a poker game.

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