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Another busy day

Up and out the door early to golf with Marni and Brian. We played nine holes at Shuksan and had a great time. Followed that up with lunch together. The food at Shuksan is great. It rivals that of the North Bellingham golf course. The head chef Nick at North Bell is a talent. I played my best nine holes in a while. Shot a 39. Took a drop on a hole. Had a three-putt, and didn't get up and down once. The three-putt was a three putt par on a par five. I can feel Steve cringing after reading that. Merde!

Moira and Kaleb were supposed to hit a Yugioh tournament this afternoon and I was going to watch Arthur, but it got canceled. Instead I crashed and watched some of Black Mirror on Netflix. It's a bizarre futuristic show that centers on what sort of chaos can happen due to advancing technologies.

Moira and I get to head to the races tonight together for some Dad and Daighter time.

It was awkward for me knowing that my ex was there with my friend Marni. We didn't run into each other, but it felt weird knowing she was there somewhere. It was a huge crowd because of fireworks night. Skagit speedway has a spectacular fireworks show each year close the the 4th of July. It feels like a constant barrage with music playing that lasts for about 25 minutes.

Visit my mom in the morning after breakfast. Maybe go for a walk together or play cards again. This past week felt like it flew by quickly. Trying to fill every day with activities is a bit much. The next three days should be more relaxing, but I do have some chores I would like to tend to around the house. My front yard is a mess. Yard work. Puke.

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