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Another fun Saturday

Today was the HIS BBQ. Food, vendors, live music, and lots of bouncy things for kids. Here's the view from my apartment over the field.

The stage was at the far end of the field. Our staff members have a band and performed. Is there a more stereotypical song for Asians to sign than Country Roads by John Denver? No, I can't thing of one that fits better than that. My good buddy Axel is on the far right playing his mandolin and guitar.

After the sun dropped Aiyun and I grabbed a taxi and headed into the city. She was hoping to see the tidal bore come up the river, but today wasn't a good day for it. If you have no idea what a tidal bore is I was in the same boat not that long ago. Check this insanity out. LINK

We opted for West Lake. I'm still craving Tanghulu. I offered a boat ride, but someone isn't a swimmer. We might have to rectify that. When we got there and saw the boat Aiyun was interested, but the insanely long line was a bit much so we just walked around the lake. Never did find any tanghulu. I guess strawberries aren't in season.

We got to the famous Spot-Baidi Causeway. This picture doesn't show the bridge fully, but it's there all the way across.

It was about a 30 minute walk across so we opted to sit for a few minutes by the water and take in the view.

No. I look ugly and fat. Seriously? Pbbbt. Such a hottie. Maybe Phat (pretty hot and tasty).

Eventually we grabbed a taxi home and had some bubble tea delivered to my apartment. That's so crazy stupid convenient to have stuff delivered. A nice way to finish off another great day.

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1 Comment

Sep 10, 2023

"No. I look ugly and fat. Seriously? Pbbbt. Such a hottie. Maybe Phat (pretty hot and tasty). "

Huh? Was that supposed to be in there or did speech to text run amok?

Nice day. 😊

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