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Another temp home

Having to pack all my stuff and move into a hotel. Will be putting a lot of stuff into my future apartment, but I can’t live there yet. Not sure how long this will drag on. Not cool, but no choice but to roll with it.

Having breakfast at my usual joint with Jaime and his son Eddie. Jaime teaches PE in the lower school. Eddie is just four years old. Well, we tried anyway. We arrived too late and had switched to their lunch menu. It didn’t look very appetizing. Eddie wasn’t getting his pancake like stuff and was a bit freaked out by the giant fish on a plate. We went to the closest McDonalds to keep to keep Eddie happy. I had to travel to the other side of the planet to go to a McDonalds for the first time in a long time.

Another challenge. The battery seems to want to stay in place in the bike now, but there’s a weird noise coming from the back wheel. Jeremy and I couldn’t figure it out last night. His best guess is there’s a problem with a bearing inside. Ugh. Jeremy gave me a lift to the factory and they replaced the rear wheel after they couldn’t figure out the origin of the noise. My best guess is that the spokes weren’t tight enough and they were rubbing on each other. Oh well, fixed now.

Looking forward to playing hoops with the kids again tomorrow. That’s my last day before I officially start work. We have three days of training for new teachers this week. Sounds like there will be around forty of us.

Got half my stuff into the new hotel. Very posh compared to what I’ve lived In so far. First carpet I’ve seen anywhere. Looking forward to the breakfast gang in he morning. Headed out to the new campus at the moment. Going to put a lot of items in my new room (#504). Can’t live there yet, but can start storing things there.

The new room. In my best Borat voice, very nice!

A sunset view over the river and interesting free stuff in the bathroom. Shaving kit? Toothbrush packets complete with tiny tubes of toothpaste? Yeah, I got that.

There’s a crew of “singles” that are all staying here at this hotel. It’s called The Amber House. I went to dinner with Axel, Ruth, and Paulo last night. Beef noodles. They were tasty. Axel spent the last two years in Taiwan, so he had a bit of Mandarin skills. That was helpful. It was a typical Chinese meal. But pile of noodles in a beed broth with some thin slices of beef. Rats. I keep forgetting to take pictures. I’ll do better when we hit the breakfast buffet this morning at the hotel. I’ve been told it’s solid.

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