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Apple Store 2: The wrath of David

Actually, I'm totally chill. No wrath. It's just sounded like a cool title. What other title could I have gone with? Apple Store 2: David's Bogus Journey? Apple Store 2: The Lost World? Apple Store 2: Rotten to the core? Weak efforts. Your suggestions are welcome in the comments. But not Durk. He's not movie educated to a high enough standard for this task. I can't wait to see his effort...

I'm sitting here in a taxi on the way to the Apple store. It reeks of cigarette smoke. That's rare, but it does happen. A large percentage of the men here smoke, a lot. I've gotten in an elevator with people smoking. That's just weird. With the population of this country I'm thinking the tobacco industry is doing just fine. I've mentioned it before, but some of these drivers are a bit...bold. Never a turn signal. They drive in two lanes at once when they feel like it to optimize their potential to get through traffic. They are on their horns all the time. Adding to the insanity of it all I've never seen a police car on the roads. Not one. When I've inquired about it I'm told there are some motorcycle cops, but they rely on cameras and automatic speed detection to hit people with tickets. If you get a ticket you can pay someone else to take credit for it. They just have to say they were driving your car. I don't think I'll be getting a driver's license anytime soon. I'm told it's not difficult. We'll see.

The Apple store is right next to West Lake so I've got a good spot to hang if I have extra time. However, I did something to my right achilles tendon last night playing hoops. I'm guessing just a pull. Im supposed to be meeting some form of group tomorrow at a driving range to hit some golf balls. Hoping to make some golf contacts and maybe find a playing buddy. Hoping the tendon feels better by then. More importantly I've made my first tee time to play golf at a course that's about 50 minutes away from my school. It's called Lake Hill. My MYP director and superintendent are planning on playing with me. Not sure of our fourth yet, but there's a list of interested guys. Super excited to get on a golf course. It's been over two months. The weather looks to be high 60s to low 70s next weekend. Perfect.

The Apple store is a zoo again. This is both levels. See for yourself.

I was able to duplicate the problem for a tech and she took my computer in the back. As I sit here and wait I thought you all might like to know that our buddy the snake showed up again just outside our apartments.

I was able to do a reverse image search and learned some more about him. He's a tiger keelback. Poisonous and fairly dangerous, but they're aren't aggressive. I leave him alone and he does the same for me. That said, I'm thinking he was here first. Some of my neighbors are planning for his demise with extreme prejudice. I get it. We have some very mobile young children in our apartments.

The tech returned and told me what I already knew. They will need to keep my laptop for a few days and replace some parts. No sweat. It was expected. Just like Ahnold, I'll be back.

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How about: Accelerated decreptitude.


Oct 01, 2022

"Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated" would have been my choice.

Dude, I told you like two weeks ago that it was a very dangerous keelback. Remember, brain hemorrhaging. Don't you read your comments? 😀

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