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The thought of being a grandpa is on my mind a lot. The actual act of "being grandpa" is a challenge for me. How so? Arthur is only a year and a half old. Activities for us pretty much are building things with blocks while sitting on the floor. He rather enjoys building and crushing stuff. Also the putting things inside and taking them out game is fun.

I've tried to interest him in a book or ten, but so far that's not where his attention lies. Moira tells me he has some favorites. Tonight he was more interested in the camera on my cell phone. He took some selfies. Have a peek.

Playing golf yesterday with a 12 year old was fun. I can't help but wonder if Arthur would like to play some day. Perhaps. Perhaps not. If not, I won't mind. I'll be interested in whatever he wants to do. Unless it's break dancing. That would be a no-go for me. I'll just enjoy watching.

Lunch today with Andy Donahue. Andy was my vice principal at Meridian for several years and the guy that got me thinking about teaching overseas. He worked in Singapore teaching math. He was super helpful on connecting me to resources when I began my search. Search Associates is the 1000 pound gorilla in connecting teacher's to international schools, but International School Review (ISR) was really helpful too. For any younger teacher I would highly recommend an international experience. It's also perfect for a younger couple that wants to see some more of the world. It was fun catching up with Andy. Listening to him talk about working with the local homeless shelter was inspiring.

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