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Basketball season begins

We've had two basketball games already and less than 10 hours of practice. It's a different world than I'm used to.

Varsity team lost the first game 33-39. Had a solid lead early, but we've installed exactly one zone offense. They adjusted and we had nothing else to lean on. Played a second game tonight. Destroyed our second opponent by 40 points. Kids got out and ran the court. Executed on offense. It was a thing of beauty.

Missed golf practice tonight because of the game. Trying to be involved in two sports is a challenge. It's going to be a busy three weeks leading up to our winter break. I got this.

In other random questions of the day I ran across this...

No question for me. Would much rather play with anyone else, not just Tiger. Playing Augusta would be cool, but would rather share an experience with just about anyone on any course. My guess is that Steve chimes in here to share his opinion. I think I know how he will answer. Let's see...

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