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Best Cantonese dinner

Got together with my friend Daisy for dinner. Hadn't had a chance to talk to her much this past two weeks. Was great catching up. She suggested we try a Cantonese restaurant for dinner. Most of what we think of as Chinese food in the states is from Canton. That area is now called Guangzhou. Have a peek.

In order, chicken soup, durian cheese, rice with chicken and melted cheese on top, Chinese broccoli, and sweet and sour pork. The pork was really the only thing that was instantly recognizeable. She told me that people from Canton were the first Chinese immigrants to the states in the mid 19th century. They established what we think of as Chinese food.

I've heard of the legendary Durian cheese. Supposed to have a god-awful smell. This wasn't bad. It had a different texture. The sweet and sour pork was as the best. The sauce wasn't super sweet and thick like the glaze we're used to seeing in the states.

The veggies and pineapple were a perfect combination with it. The broccoli really had small florets just like broccoli I'm used to back in the states. Overall, an excellent meal. We grabbed some Dairy Queen afterwards to finish the night. Good stuff.

Good news from the government. They are dropping the tracking system and reducing the frequency of Covid tests. Glad to hear that.

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