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Best intentions

If you're reading this regularly you know I have a thing for delivering apple pies to friends. I made this beauty with the intent of delivering it to Mike and Kathy Durkee at cribbage night. The pie crust was so easy buying the premade circles. Happy days.

Not so fast my friend. Moira and Kaleb's dog Bowser had other ideas. He's big enough to get his face on top of the stove where it was cooling.

Dog drool anyone? Haven't we all heard how clean a dog's mouth is compared to a human? Whatever. No justification is going to help me take this over there tonight. Best intentions were there. A second effort will be made.

Good times this morning with the retired Meridian teacher gang. Mike P's apricot jam didn't disappoint. Lots of questions about China, and as expected a lot of secondary questions designed to make me rethink my ideas. I appreciate that about this crowd. A lot of knowledge and experience at that table. A few wise asses to be sure, but regardless a collection of wise men. Sorry Don, you seem to be missing from this picture just off to the left.

Headed out now to get nine holes of golf in with Pam. My poor irons shots yesterday kept me awake last night wondering what the deal was. Regardless, looking forward to catching up with Pam.

It was a fun nine holes with Pam. I was the playing partner that I should have been ten years ago when I was married. Patient, supportive, fun. Looking back I know now what I did wrong when I was married. If we knew then what we know now? Yeah, that's a song lyric, or at least I think it is. Pam told me that once upon a time her exhusband Dean didn't want her to golf with him because she would bring his game down. After I birdied the last hole today I had the opportunity to thank Pam for lifting my game up. That felt good.

Good times with Mike, Kathy, and Brian. Mike made a pork shoulder that had a thick caramelized crust. Its was a slice of heaven.

Kathy and I crushed Mike and Brian 5-2 in cribbage. A weird night that included three consecutive skunks. Great times.

I made contact with two more friends today trying to find time to get together and play some golf. Bill Havland and Jennifer Childress.

Bill is a Meridian grad from 1996. The two of us found each other at just the right time. Bill needed some focused purpose in his life and I needed a leader for the track and field team that I was coaching. He worked the hardest in practice and had a great Senior season in the sprints, but it was the leadership area where he shined. He commanded respect and attention when he gave directions to underclassmen and was a cheerleader during meets offering support at all times. I'll never forget him standing on the inside portion of the track cheering on the distance runners and getting others to join him.

Jennifer (Chili) was the head girls basketball coach while I served as her assistant. She's the basketball coach that I wanted to be. The girls played hard for her because they loved her. I'm more of an Xs and Os guy. She was the motivator. Together we were a great coaching staff. Back to back final fours at the state tournament showed we were no fluke. I'm so proud of her for taking the plunge into college coaching. I was also proud to be the best man at her wedding. She'll always be my sister from another mother.

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