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Big step forward

Today’s the day. Headed to Korea and then a quick jump onto Shanghai. Leaving behind family and friends (family of choice). At a minimum looking at a full year in Hangzhou before I can see everyone again. It’s easy to be nostalgic while simultaneously excited for what’s new on a day like today.

Schmelmo had to have a Margarita before boarding the plane.

There were at least three “freak out” moments over the past month. Would I get my work visa before I had to leave? Would I get my Covid test results (yeah, two of them) back before I had to hit the airport today? Would I get the green health QR code before I had to board the plane? All of the timelines were crazy packed tight due to the Chinese Consulate rules and requirements. In the end, it all worked out just in time. Someone out there for as looking out for me.

I won’t mind the 10 days of quarantine. Looking forward to restarting my meditation and daily intention routine. It’s helps to give me focus on what’s important to me in terms of being a better man.

What will I see? What will I do? What will I learn? I’m looking forward to sharing it all right here.

Now, will I sleep tonight? At all? Might be staring at 36 hours being awake. Ugh.

Today’s intention: Compliment random people on something to brighten their day.

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