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Big Travel Changes

Saw this today. China is making huge changes to their travel testing and quarantine policies.

This is big news. I've got lots of free time in January and I'm thinking I could still hop on a plane and go somewhere warmer just for the heck of it. I started looking at random flights and hotels and I was surprised to see reasonable costs. Thailand? Phillipines? Why not? Throw in a stay and play golf package and I'm in. Daisy might be interested in joining me. She enjoys being in the sunshine so a trip south might be just the thing to brighten her mood. She's been very frustrated with both her work and her government and the weather here in Hangzhou. She calls her bad moods "Dragon lady". I've yet to experience this live. I'll update on trip possibilities soon.

People here in Hangzhou continue to get sick, Daisy included as of this morning (her first Covid test was negative). Lots of Covid/Cold/Flu all over the place. Regardless of what numbers are being shared it's a real thing. Lots of places are struggling with staffing and temporarily closing their doors. I've been craving a New York style pizza from Angelos in town. Easily my favorite Hangzhou restaurant when I need a taste of home. They've been closed for a week now. My favorite grocery delivery out of Shanghai called Epermarket is also having a tough time. I put in an order this past weekend and their first delivery time was Tuesday. It's now Wednesday and im still waiting on delivery. Normally they are next day delivery.

Edit: spent a good part of my day researching travel costs. I could fly just about anywhere inside China for about $200 round trip. That jumps up an extra $1000 if I leave the country. Hainan island in the southern part of China is looking tempting. More research into stay and play is going to be required.

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Vietnam? Glad you are getting out and exploring. I’m going to Yakima Thursday. I hear it’s nice this time of year.

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