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Bike ride around Xianghu

No school Monday through Wednesday this week to celebrate and honor China Day. I spent about two hours in my classroom getting ready for school the next two days. I'm hopeful I've got something my 12th graders will like. We're going to use the Desmos online graphing calculator to explore the inverse trig functions. I know that probably doesn't blow up too many skirts up in most crowds, but the dynamic nature of the graphs online will make it much cooler and more accessible to my students. I've had a hard time challenging them so my hope is this is a good step forward with them.

After working on school stuff I hopped on my bike and planned a trip around Xianghu Lake. There's a spot there called the Sea of Flowers. Sounds cool. Let's have a peak at my planned route. I'm the blue dot at the top middle. I'm going to head east around the right side of the lake. Check out the pic opportunities, then head west back around the lake. It's a big loop. The minutes on the map are for driving a car, not a bike.

Just got back and ready to share some pics. The Sea of Flowers for your viewing pleasure.

My gut tells me I'm arriving here at the wrong time of year. There were A LOT of flowers, but I wouldn't call it spectacular. They were probably awesome a few months ago.

The ride back was nice too, and I finally caught a glimpse of what looked like some celebration of China Day. The building with the industrial artwork in front of it had a banner with the years since the founding of the PRC.

Food ordered and arriving soon. Delivery is less than $1 USD. Still can't get over how convenient that is. Sounds like another blog post idea.

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