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Body says… take it easy

My 54 year old body has been talking to me. What does it have to say?

Body: Yo. Back off son. You're about to do some damage that won't heal quickly.

Me: Ummm. Okay. If you say so. I got this.

Body: The aches in your knees... The tightness in your lower back. Are you listening, bro? No joke. You absolutely can't bang elbows with an 18 year old on the basketball court anymore. You're going to end up in the E.R., again.

Me: Damn. Just damn. I used to love playing hoops. Can I at least demonstrate technique? Can I educate by example? How do I teach proper footwork if I can't show them what I'm looking for?

Body: You've been warned. Don't F with me. I will ruin your foreseeable future. Do you want to keep playing golf? Do you want to go on walks with Aiyun?

Me: Seriously?

Body: Abso-freakin-luty.

Me: --heavy sigh-- Ok. How about if I get my weight back down to something reasonable? Can we have this talk again?

Body: Sure, but given your track record since age 30, I wouldn't take that bet.

Me: Good point. Noted. Hey, as long as we're talking, I've got questions. Why do I keep losing hair where I want it and it seems to show up where I don't want it? What are you doing to me?

Body: Karma. It's a bitch.

Me: Yuck it up buddy. But really, thanks. Appreciate the warnings. I hear you. Let's keep the dialogue flowing.

This can't be just me. Do you have conversations with your body? If you say yes, I'm thinking you have to be a bit older, right? Anywho, I still have issues with my right shoulder and neck from the bicycle crash this past June. My lower back feels pretty sore from time to time. My weight has soared over the past few months, but the last two weeks it's been coming down quickly. Basketball starting along with golf activities will keep me extra busy. Staying active will keep me from spending too much time in front of the TV eating. Combine that with eating g a bit better and I'm hoping to get back down to 100kg like I was a year ago.

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1 Comment

Kari Bosley
Kari Bosley
Nov 08, 2023

I love that you have convos with your body. I have them daily. My brain and body definitely get tired of me talking to them. ;) Sure hope you listen to your body and take it easy. Keep stretching and doing balance exercises. Super important for us "old" folks.

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