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Bombs away!!!

When I look outside my classroom window I can see the soccer field and my apartment. Just to the right of the field you can see the parking garage entrance that is below the field.

Here’s a gallery of pics from the…parking garage. Determine for yourself the true purpose of this…garage.

The doors are more than 6 inches of solid steel. It’s labeled civil air defense all over the place. And the weirdest thing? It’s all labeled in English as well as Mandarin. Purpose?

I think my favorite part is the emergency toilet. It’s quite literally a small drain hole of about 6 inches wide in the floor.

In other news. I was invited to dinner with some other teachers tonight. Marcella is a young lady from Columbia. She’s been teaching Calculus in Guangzhou the past

three years. In an odd twist I was offered her job before I accepted the one here in Hangzhou. She was leaving that job to come here. I’m content in the thought that I made the right choice. She had reinforced to me that it’s much nicer here.

Marcella prepared a lovely fish, lentils, potatoes, and salad for Paul, myself, Richard and Anita. Anita is also from Columbia. We have about 10 Latina ladies that work here. They’re quite the gang. Sort of like a pack of wolves. When they get howling as a group they make there presence known. I half expect a street dance from West Side Story to break out at some point. Yeah, they’re not from Cuba, but I think you get the idea. I was able to keep myself from drinking too much wine tonight. Big props to me. Just two glasses and then water. Atta shooter.

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Pretty nice bomb sheler. Where's the food? Do they do emergency drills at the school? Bet they don't have the training we had this year: what to do if there is an active shooter. Yeah, you read that correctly.

David Shick!
David Shick!

Yes. Drills next week. We even have an intruder drill (lock down), but I don’t think it’s taken seriously. Nobody here has a gun. Of note, I have yet to see a police officer with a gun.


Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee

Bomb shelter? What!? Just in case any of the T's get out of hand? You didn't get followed after taking pictures, I hope.

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