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Bring on the weekend

A mildly stressful week with mom's move taking place. I spoke with her and the admin at her new home each of the past few days. Feels like it's going well so far. My concern has shifted to my aunt Wendy. This has been a tough week for her. Each of the last three days she's gone to see mom in her new home. Wendy reports to me that mom still has anxiety and fear and that is raising her stress levels.

On a positive note they were able to check off the ID card at the DMV and hit Umpqua bank as well. I should have mom's full financial records within a week. Checking boxes for Medicaid eases my mind a bit. The rules surrounding Medicaid qualification and the timing of bills getting paid on time are starting to present themselves as potential problems. In order to qualify you can't have more than $2000 in assets. The monthly bill for her new residence is $6950 per month. Mom will fall short of being able to pay her bill this next month significantly, so I'm going to have to make up the difference. I've got a note into the Medicaid financial officer asking how this will affect her application. I don't mind paying the extra, but don't want to do anything that might jeopardize her qualifying for help.

Went to a screen golf place last night with friends Meady and Ian. Shot my best round in quite some time. It might be the best I've ever experienced with my irons. Driver improved by getting the body more involved in the swing and whipping the club through. It's such a backwards intuitive thing to properly swing a golf club. Five three putts. Remove those and I would have shot my best round ever by two strokes. Listening to Meady speak with an Irish accent and playing golf just feels right. Maybe next time we play Royal Portrush to get the full Open Championship vibe.

Our school is putting on a show tonight called "Game of Tiaras". Not really a play, but I think a collection of short comedic skits. The kids are excited. They tell me it's going to be funny and violent.

Hosted another poker night after the show. 12 people signed up for a ten seat game. A few others might show up just to hang out and drink too much. Might start to feel like a casino in my apartment. Maybe some live music? I'm thinking a Billy Holiday sort of mood. Yo crew. Show me your gang sign...

We've got a fun group of regulars along with several that show up when they can. I enjoy dealing a fast paced well run game. One of the new players made me beam when they commented that it felt like a professionally run game in a casino. Good times.

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