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It's cold here. Two days ago we had some snow flurries. I've been hoping to get in a round of golf before going back to work, but I'm having my doubts. Might get get up to fifty degrees at the end of this week, but the following week looks colder. Crud.

I've got papers to read and mark. I got one done yesterday. If I get one more done today I'm good with that. Laying on the couch texting with Brian while watching the TB-DAL playoff game. Dude just missed his fourth extra point for Dallas. Ouch. Being an NFL kicker has to be a weird existence. Not many other jobs where you can lose your confidence so quickly and have a single day ruin your career. Lots of examples where this has happened to a quality NFL kicker. Norwood? Vanderjagt? Now Maher? Time will tell.

Another odd thing to see on TV. Watching TE Cade Otton play tight end for Tampa Bay. I coached basketball with his aunt Tana Croft more than twenty years ago. Cade's grandpa Sid is the winningest all time high school football coach in the history of Washington state. Meridian's own Bob Ames retired second on that list.

In other news the biggest Chinese holiday of the year is coming this weekend on the twenty first. It's Chinese New Year. No idea what I'll do. We've got other teachers trickling back into the apartments. Perhaps gather with some of them. I haven't seen Daisy in a couple of weeks and won't for at least two more. She's gone home for the holiday as is tradition for most people here.

Goal for tomorrow: grade another paper and make some plans for Saturday.

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