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Busy weekend coming up

Poker Friday night ✅

Make apple pies Saturday morning ✅

High school musical performance Saturday night ✅

Golf Sunday ✅

There's been a noticeable difference in my week not having my 12th grade students. This week started their IB final exams. It's three weeks of nothing but testing for them. My HL (high level) students get five hours worth of testing next Monday and Tuesday. Three separate tests in different formats only covering math. It's been nice to feel caught up in my paperwork and planning. However, I have a new responsibility that taking up some of my time.

China Trips are approaching. I'm the 9th grade level leader and I've had to take on some responsibilities in terms of planning and organization for our trip to the Yunnan province. There's going to be hiking, biking, and many chances for the 9th graders to bond. I'm excited to get involved and have a lot of fun on the trip. I had to lead a class meeting this last week speaking to all 49 of the ninth graders taking them through some details of the trip. I get to lead a similar meeting next Thursday for the 9th grade parents. Here's some pictures of activities we can expect.

Another interesting part of the trip will be the service project that the kids will complete. They're going to build a greenhouse for a local community. I got some pictures of what this will look as well.

The pies I'm making Saturday are for my 12th graders on their testing days. I want to make them something special. So I'm actually not making them apple pies, they're getting apple taus. What's a tau? It's two Pi. It's a math thing. Because Pi is wrong.

The play Saturday is The Addams Family. Should be great. Really looking forward to it. I've got several students in starring roles. They're excited and I look forward to talking to them about the experience on Monday next week.

Golf Sunday is going to be weather dependent. I dropped Queenie a note and hope she's into playing too. If not, perhaps meet a new golfing buddy again. Fingers crossed. It hit 90 degrees today and it's going to stay warm, but there's a change we get some rain. Wish me luck.

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Paige Shumway
Paige Shumway
May 05, 2023

You are having such an amazing time, and you are making such a difference. The trip looks great! Cannot imagine the rock climbing, though. Eeek. strap ’em up like no other! Take a pic of those non-pi/pie pies. Your students will love them. Enjoy the musical and the whole weekend!!

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