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Calm before the storm

A quiet lazy Saturday. Monday is going to be rough. Meeting at 4:15am with the entire ninth grade and heading to the airport. Flight will be long. It will be followed by a long bus ride to Lijiang. It's going to be one of those days where you feel wiped out just from sitting all day.

Planning to play a round of golf tomorrow morning. Nothing today but movies and a bike ride around Xianghu.

As I got close to the lake I ran into this.

Knew I would circle the lake and hit the fruit cart on the way back. The fruit that I've encountered here in China is just better than that from the states. Crisp and sweet always. The pessimist in me thinks they use all kinds of chemicals, but damn. So worth it.

The road around the lake is awesome for bike rides. There's always a wide path just for bikes and lots of great views the entire way around.

As you make your way around you run into lots of small path ways that lead towards the lake.

There are many covered areas where you can sit and read a book.

Some of the areas are just spectacular. There are many places that look like this with a small walking bridge out onto an island.

And yes, I did stop and buy some peaches.

My movie binge this weekend is the original Star Trek film series. It's been many years since I watched the original from 1980. The second one was the best....Khan!!!!

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Good luck with the trip! Seems like a lot of responsibility and herding. Hope it is also enjoyable

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