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Campus, eBike, & an ExPat Bar

This is pretty cool. A pilot who is a friend of an admin shared this video flying into Hangzhou from the west. He zooms in on the new campus before pulling back to show more of the city. The main building looks like a big X.

Not bad. The majority of the city is to the left in the video on the north side of the river. The school is on the south side of the city. It will be a little further away from more services like restaurants and stores, but I hope to have some motorized transportation soon...

I attempted to purchase an eBike yesterday and ran into one problem after another. Problem #1. I wasn't allowed to use my credit card (payment method not supported).

Problem #2. The person I was trying to transfer money to wasn't able to accept it.

Problem #3. My account isn't old enough and the bank is preventing me from making a risky purchase. Gee, thanks.

"View Solution"??? Nowhere to be found. Frustrating is a good word to describe this process. I'm surprised I wasn't getting pissed off. I just sort of rolled with it. At this point I'm thinking it's just going to take until the end of the month when I have a long term work visa.

Up next? I got invited to a thing at a bar. I met Richard the other day and we talked about getting a drink. His wife Anita is having a birthday. I arrive at the bar and see Danie the tech guy sitting with two other people. Danie is the same guy that got me the contact to buy the bike. I assume they are there to for this birthday thing. He waves me over and we have a drink. Actually, he was there not for the gathering. It was just coincidence. He was having a meeting with another tech guy talking about the network in the new school. In a city of millions and millions he was not there for Anita's birthday thing. After chatting a bit he asked me about the bike buying process. I shared the problems. He solved it by offering and paying for the bike. I will need to pay him back at the end of the month when my long term work visa is in place. How bizarre is this? As I type this I'm waiting to hear that the bike was delivered here at the old school. If I end up with a new bike at the end of the day I'm going to feel like I made a serious withdraw from the Good Karma Bank.

The bar last night was super loud and not my vibe. Karaoke and lots of alcohol. I witnessed a Japanese guy in China sing a Korean song, Gangnam Style.

Yeah. However, it was cool to see Anita really enjoying her birthday celebration. I met a ton of new people, mostly from the lower school (what they call elementary). Andrew Lawrence is the upper school basketball coach and guy that runs their fantasy football league. I'm up for that again after getting out of it years ago. Thinking that I'll see him again tomorrow at open gym to play some basketball. I'm curious to see what sort of hoops talent they have.

Got contact from both Brian and Marni today. Marni took my mom to lunch and it sounds like they had a great time together. I let Brian know I was going to be a fantasy football league again. He wants me to go with this for a team name and logo. Thoughts?

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Aug 11, 2022

Went to South Korea a few years ago and was amazed at their cities and how they build. Looked just like the video above, tall apartment buildings as far as the eye could see. They don’t do sprawl like we do. Seems like they go up first then out, Americans just go out. Glad you got the bike thing worked out, gotta be frustrating in a new country.


Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Aug 11, 2022

ARF! for the win! Oh wait, all my Amish friends just got insulted... :D Hey those rakes can be deadly weapons... I guess Brian's team logo may not cut it--well at least not for the first year. Well done on not getting upset with the entire banking thing... I would have been going bonkers--one huge pet peeve of mine with financial institutions is "don't make it a hassle for me to use my own money!" Yes, I have left banks never to return over that sort of thing... a bit of a big red button and not the Jack Johnson red button that fixes everything :) Be well my brother from another mother


Wow, that is an enormous city! Looks like you are in the best part in terms of less crowded. Are their hiking trails in those hills by you? The FF name suggestion is brilliant!

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