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Changes in latitude

One of my reasons for coming to China was the potentiallly better weather. The next ten days really look pretty good for me here in Hangzhou. I believe Hangzhou is at about 30 degrees in latitude. That's similar to San Diego.

Not bad. How about Bellingham? Is it still shorts weather there?

No so much. Odd thing though. Everyone here in Hangzhou keeps telling me how cold it is. I kid you not. I'm thinking it's perfect. 70 degrees Farenheit suits me just fine. I was thinking that at some point I would switch my mentality to Celsius. I'm resisting change, or realizing that it's not necessary because I can do the math in my head quickly. F to C? Subtract 30 and cut in half. C to F? Double it and add 30. Easy peasy, but will you remember that tomorrow?

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude? Yeah. I think so. It's just easier to be pleasant when the weather is nicer. I know we get to choose our own attitude in any given circumstances, but I can't deny weather can affect mood.

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