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Checklist for Monday

Three tasks today.

  1. Hospital to get fapio receipts.

  2. Wrote student comments.

  3. Hit some golf balls on the soccer field.

First task: I had to return to the hospital where I ended up after having my bike accident three months ago. I needed official tax receipts (Fapio) so I could get reimbursed by my insurance company. I put it off until today knowing it would be a weekday I wasn't working. Proud of myself that I was able to navigate the hospital and get the paperwork I needed in about twenty minutes. The hospital I went to had an international department. Just had to follow signs there and found several English speakers.

Second task: Write student comments. Monday October 8th my comments are due for my students. Write a personalized comment on each student. Be sure to mention what they do well and what they need to work on. I made some good progress. Will write more as the week goes on. It's not easy. Makes me realize just how well I DON'T know my students. A good reminder that I need to learn more about several that just sort of fall between the cracks.

Third task: Go swing the golf club and work out my grip and backswing issues. I want to be more consistent. I've got ideas about how to get there. I'm sure it will be a life long pursuit. Glad that it's a happy pursuit and failure is just another step in learning. Tough to keep that mindset all the time, but that's where I'm at today. I set up a station on our soccer field. About 120 yards. Perfect for my full sand wedge. Proper grip. Correct backswing. Use the body not the arms. Full swing and follow through. Got dialed in by the fiftieth ball and finished at one hundred five. Three groups of thirty five balls. That was a good feeling. Now, transfer those thoughts to the course...

Just finished watching Seattle destroy the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. A couple of observations. Firstly, the Seahawks have the all time best Monday Night Football record of any NFL franchise. Perhaps a factor of not getting Monday night games unless your team is good. Being so isolated in the Northwest they probably have to have been much better than average to get prime time games. Secondly, I'm not sure many people noticed, but they finished the game with no starters in place on their offensive line. The post game rhetoric was all about how bad the Giants line was due to injuries and giving up 11 sacks, but Seattle was also down just as much and seemed to overcome it without much of a problem. A nod to their coaching staff and depth at the positions. Well done fellas. Lastly, welcome to the NFL young cornerback Devon Witherspoon. It's going to be tough to have many statistical games like he just posted in his third game. It's the return of the Legion of Boom. It's is their ten year anniversary of their Super Bowl win. Feels appropriate.

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