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China Day

China celebrates their "National Day" on October 1st.

It commemorates the founding of the Peoples Rebulic of China. Sort of like our 4th of July in the states. I'll be curious to see if there's any noticeable celebration as I walk through my day today.

Planning on getting together with Ye and Charlie later. Charlie is wanting to get some help learning how to ride a bike and recently learned how to play chess. I think he's looking for some tips on how to improve. I can help there. We're meeting at Powerlong mall again. Likely grab some dinner together and then wing it. Half way through my day and I've noticed pretty much nothing related to National China Day. I expect to see some fireworks if we end up near the river or West Lake.

I'm suffering through my day with a bit of a tendon injury in my right ankle. Hurts to walk. I can manage, but a bit concerned about going to a driving range tomorrow. Maybe it will help get my weight forward in the swing. I'm always the optimist.

VPN update as I sit in another cab. I got some advice to buy another. Most folks work with two options as it appears the government focuses their attention on one at a time. Switched to Astrill. OMG. So much better and automatic. I watch several shows on HBO this morning and could grab my Twitter feed in seconds. Totally worth the money. They could double their price ($150 a year) and I would pay.

Got together with Charlie and Ye. We had dinner together at the Yamamoto House. A reputable sushi place. Good stuff. Charlie really wanted to go to one of the local arcade/grab-a-toy places. There are tons of them and they're super popular here. First time for me. Lots of big box games where a metal grabber arm will pick up a stuffed animal. There's a skill to it. We got five of them total. I got a pegacorn on my first try. Moira would have been proud of me.

The place was super packed when we arrived, but cleared out just before I realized I needed to get some pics. It was so much fun I had no idea we were there for about 3 hours. Looked at my phone and it was 9:30. Charlie and I played a partners video game shooting zombies and such. When we finished we were both covered in sweat and my hands hurt from squeezing the triggers.

I didn't see evidence that the locals were into National China Day. For most people they take the entire week off. My school is closed through Wednesday, so I have some more goof off time this week. Charlie and I are going to shoot for Wednesday to try the bike and chess thing. He's 12. I'm guessing his mind may race somewhere else before Wednesday. I'm open to that.

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