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China is good to me

"When I tell my friends back home in Canada what I like best about China, it's that China is good to me". - Marcela Rojas

No students for our first day back at work. Inservice day. We had to check some boxes in terms of meetings. Curriculum and department level work. Only took a couple hours. We start the second semester tomorrow.

After our math meeting I was chatting with my mathematics colleague Marcella and telling her how I left my toothbrush at my hotel yesterday morning. Here it is, 24 hours later back in my possession.

Of course I had to pay the overnight shipping cost. 12RMB. That's less that $2USD. The cleaning lady took it to the front desk. They sent me a text message to let me know I had left it in the bathroom. They offered to ship it to me. Of course I'm thinking I'll get it in a week and it might be cheaper to buy a new one. Umm. No. Next day for less than two dollars. Wow. Immediately Marcella says, "China is good to me" and proceeded to tell our group about how nice it is to live here because of things like this.

I felt bad about my taxi rant yesterday. It's not fair. It's such a rare thing here to have Chinese people be anything other than pleasant and helpful. Hotel workers and restaurant staff in particular are awesome. And this is without ever earning (or expecting) a tip for anything. They take pride in their work and it pays off for the customer.

That's all today. I agree. China is good to me.

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