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China trips

I'm just learning about "China trips". These are group trips that an entire grade takes together. I'm the ninth grade level leader so I'll be going on the trip with them. It's an entire week from May 29 to June 2. I'm not certain where we're going yet, but I'm excited to find out.

We have five ninth grade advisors and I'm told to expect that all five of us will go with that class. This trip involves putting the entire ninth grade class on a plane and staying in a hotel for a week. We're going somewhere in China and the week is supposed to be fun and educational. The destination is a secret for now, but rumor has it we're headed to the Yunan province. The largest city there is Kunming.

I've done a bit of research on Yunan and can share some details. It's the red area on this map. South central China just above Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar. It's one of the least developed provinces in China, but looks to have some cool geographic aspects.

The stone forrest looks wicked cool (lower right), and I haven't seen an actual mountain in quite some time. I miss Mt. Baker? I guess so. Easy to take things like that for granted when you see it all the time.

I'm sure there's lots of temples, ancient history, etc. Not sure though. Maybe we'll be headed somewhere else in China? It's cool to learn more about a place before visiting it. We'll see. Regardless it's just an opportunity to see more of this country. I'm all in.

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